Trinity Park Home Owner's Association


Guest (s)

Attention all homeowners, your guest are allowed to fish in our ponds however, homeowners will need to be present at the time of fishing. If you have any questions or concerns please contact any board member.

Dog Poop

Attention all Dog owners. When walking your dog, it is necessary your pet or pets are on a leash.  Also, please be mindful of other homeowners and PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG (s). If you have any questions or concerns please contact any one of the members on the board.

Children Playing

Parents!! Please watch your own children. Some of our children are playing in and around the ponds, and throwing trash in it. this is unacceptable, so please talk with your children. In addition, if you have a basketball goal, please pull it in your driveway and NOT on the sidewalk. There has been some complaints about the children playing in the street and not wanting to move aside from traffic. Lets keep our subdivision safe.

Trash Receptacles / Trash Cans

All trash cans / trash receptacles are NOT suppose to be in the front of your home, nor in front of your garage. They are to be out of view. You may pull them to the side or backyard, but OUT OF VIEW. Trash pick up is on Monday morning with the exception of holidays. You are required as a homeowner to pull your receptacles in no later than Monday night.