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Minutes from May 8, 2015 Meeting

The Trinity Park Subdivision Home Owners Assn. meeting was held on Monday May 8, 2015 at the B.J. Chain Public Library in Olive Branch. The meeting began at 6:30 p.m.

Board members present at the meeting were Shannon Seals, Michael Vaughn, Amanda Short and Lee Duff. Shannon introduced David Wallace, our Alderman representing Ward 4. He stated he had been Alderman since 2010. He said he had ridden through our neighborhood checking the streets to see how bad they were. After doing so he pulled a record check on the letter of credit by the original builder in the neighborhood who had gone bankrupt. He stated that hopefully within a month patch work would begin on the streets. He said the second part of the paving would be responsibility of Grant Co. He mentioned the upcoming fishing rodeo at the lake by the soccer fields and the shooting that took place in the Kroger parking lot on Sunday 5/17. He also said there will be another theater built across from Target. There will be a crawfish festival on 5/30 in Old Towne. A 5 Guys Restaurant is also slated for Olive Branch.

Kristie Adcock was introduced as the Association Manager with the Keith Collins Co. She discussed the budget for 2015 and stated there was a $12,800 potential income with $11,200 budgeted in expenses. The person who was cutting the subdivision common areas last year quit because we ran out of money and could not pay him. Ms. Adcock explained that we had several homeowners delinquent in their HOA dues. Ballots had been prepared in order to elect new Board members. However, Ms. Adcock explained there were insufficient "eligible" homeowners present at the meeting to conduct an election. Therefore, the current board would remain in place. The question also came up as to how we "inherited being in charge of the HOA" as it appears that it was just dumped upon the homeowners.

A good deal of time was spent discussing HOA dues and those homeowners in arrears and what was going to be done about their delinquencies. It was stated that legal action could be taken against those homeowners who were delinquent and that whatever means necessary would be used to collect the monies they are legally obligated to pay.

One homeowner brought up the fact that the neighbors need to be more friendly toward each other. Ms. Seals stated that yes it would be nice if everyone was nice to one another and that it would make the neighborhood and better place to live.

Ms. Seals stated that we would like to see another sub committee formed in order to welcome new owners to the neighborhood.

Several people brought up issues regarding flooding on their streets especially Oak Grove. It was mentioned that the builder, Grant Co., was one who should be contacted as they were the ones responsible for the grading of the lots.

Respectfully submitted,
Lee Duff

Trinity Park Homeowner's Association will be holding its annual meeting on Saturday, November 11th 2017 at 1:30 PM at the B.J. Chain Public Library in Olive Branch.  We urge you to attend.  We need a Quorom (majority) vote to make any changes to the By-Laws.  If you have suggestions for changes, come to the meeting.  Come and hear what your neighbors might want to see changed.  Either way, nothing changes without your vote.

* Minutes from October 25, 2014 Meeting

Called to order at 2:15pm.  

  • ·         Old Business / New Business
    • o   8 more homes sold in subdivision
  • ·         HOA Dues
    • o   37% homeowners in arrears for 2014
    • o   Possible payment plan / change due date
    • o   2014 $6,000 collected in dues
    • o   Approximately $7,500 is needed to pay financial obligations of subdivision
  • ·         Bylaws / Covenants
    • o   Discussed amending bylaws and covenants cost will be anywhere from $500 - $2,000
  • ·         Subcommittee
    • o   Eric McNeal was introduced to Spearhead the Neighborhood Watch Program