Trinity Park Home Owner's Association

About Us

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, the first annual meeting of the Trinity Park Homeowners Association was held.  During that meeting, The Keith S. Collins Company, LLC held elections for the purpose of turning the association over to members of the community.  Although most members received the invitation to that meeting, only a fraction of us attended.  It was from that group that five of your neighbors were nominated and elected to office positions for the HOA.  Those five were as excited as they were overwhelmed.  It is a heavy burden, but the work is for our good and the good of our families.

We want Trinity Park to grow and thrive.  We welcome all those with a similar commitment to the future.  Whether you bought your house to launch or dock your family, we will make sure, to the best of our ability, that you believe it was the right choice.

But we will need your help.  Protect the value of the homes of others, by protecting yours.  Be prepared for neighborhood events designed to clean and beautify the neighborhood.  If you see a mess and can clean it, by all means - do.  If you cannot get it cleaned up by yourself, ask a neighbor or a board member, and we will get it done.  Be as patient with us as you would like us to be with you - as we are all working, playing, and living just like you - we are your neighbors.

Thank you.